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How to Take Care of Face and Eyes

Eko Darmawan on Saturday, April 13, 2013

Face care and eyes

Facial skin is not the same as the body. How to treat skin while cleansing facial or other skin care also needs to be addressed differently. If not, a variety of skin problems will arise, such as blackheads, acne, wrinkles, and other.

Wrong way of treating the face and the eyes will cause many problems. Beyond other factors causing skin problems such as sun exposure, pollution effects of free radicals as well.

For the face, do proper cleanup stages as the basis for facial skin care. If the cleansing phase is done well, then followed proper skin protection, will face brighter appearance was unkempt and more leverage. As for the eyes, treat these areas with softer because the area is quite sensitive with a thinner skin.

Common mistake that people make against the face is too strong rubbing while cleaning the wash well with a towel. While in the area of the eye, and the fault lies in the way of movement when cleaning the eye area also apply an eye cream.

Face and eyes
Wash the right way as the basic skin care. First, wash your face from make up using a make up remover. Then wash face with foam that has a lot of foam.

Facial soap that has a lot of foam to lift dirt. Foam that allows dirt is lifted so not because of rubbing on the face that is considered to cleanse the face. Foam making the face clean without hurting the skin with rubbing too strong.

Wash face with foam in areas that contain a lot of oil. Because the eye area tends to be dry, you should touch at late stages of cleansing the face.

After that, rinse with water without scrubbing foam again. Should use warm water when washing the face at this stage. Because if you use cold water, oil and dirt can freeze temporarily if you use hot water the skin becomes dry.

After a clean face, apply moisturizing lotion or gel form, not cream. Will balance oily skin lotion. Should choose a moisturizer according to skin type. Women of different skin conditions, especially different countries and climates. Japanese women, for example, prefer to use creamy moisturizer because the skin tends to dry. 

After wearing moisturizer, apply skin care such as eye cream in the morning or you can apply sunscreen.

While, when cleaning the eyes, either using makeup remover or soap facial cleanser, you should do it more gently and slowly. Make sure the pressure in the eye area is also lighter. Use the middle finger or sweet to clean the eye area. Do not clean the eye area with a finger, because it would give too strong pressure on the face.

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