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Health Benefit of Orange

Eko Darmawan on Sunday, April 21, 2013

Health benfit of citrus
Orange is a fruit that is very popular all over the world. Citrus fruits can also be grown in any season, so we do not need to wait to get it.

Sweet and sour fruit that has proved not only suitable for a healthy snack, but also commonly used as a food ingredient. In these days, we often see foods such as orange juice is often used as the main menu for breakfast.

In general, in the sense of a citrus fruit into 2 of the sweet and bitter. Typically, citrus skin texture smooth and somewhat heavy has a higher water content than oranges with skin texture like a sponge and has a lighter weight.

The following are various health benefits of oranges.

Its Vitamin C

Quite the only citrus fruit that we consume vitamin C intake has met our every day by 116.2%. Vitamin C is a function as anti-oxidants that can prevent free radicals thus avoid the attack of colon cancer.

In addition, vitamin C also has many other benefits such as for the immune system, ward off the flu, and then prevent recurrent ear infections.

Antioxidants for skin health

Anti-oxidants contained citrus fruit is the one that helps prevent damage to cells - skin cells caused by free radical attack. That way, you can maintain your youthful look despite your age is approaching 50 years old though. Read also health benefit of tomato.

Filled with Vitamin B6

Because of the magnesium in this vitamin, helps the body to produce hemoglobin and also keep your blood pressure in order to remain normal. There is an ingredient in citrus fruit called Polymethoxylated flavones (PMFs) are proven by research to be effective in controlling blood cholesterol and no side effects when compared with other prescription drugs.

At Citrus Fiber Prevent Diabetes

Blood sugar levels can remain stable with the orange fiber. That's why safety orange made a healthy snack for diabetics. Blood sugar naturally found in citrus fruit called fructose helps keep blood sugar levels normal.

Containing Many Oranges Beta - cryptoxanthin

Compounds found in fruits and vegetables are colored red-orange is very useful to reduce the risk of lung cancer - lung.

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