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Get Healthy with Fitness!

Eko Darmawan on Saturday, April 20, 2013

Health and fitness

Health and fitness can not be separated. Sports (fitness exercises), probably no stranger to you, many who have followed in his life became a daily habit, even have a regular schedule and a personal trainer.

What about you ..?

Are you among those who like the above or still erratic in exercise ..?

Type any of you, please read all of this information so that your understanding of the functions and benefits of increased exercise, which may increase your passion for exercise routine.

The first you have to make is your Goal, yea ... with knowing your goals you’re your fitness plan then run your fitness program.

Goal few examples that you can make:

  • Shrink the stomach, thighs and arms.
  • Reduce levels of fat and weight, read lose weight with cardio excercise.
  • Forming abdomen (six pack), arms (biceps and triceps), front and rear thighs, calves, shoulders.
  • To gain weight and muscle mass.
  • Increase stamina.
  • Increase the strength.
  • Increase flexibility and endurance.

Then find the most appropriate reason for you to keep you excited about fitness exercises. Some examples of reasons or motivations (pleasant and unpleasant).

Motivation does not provide

"It will force you to keep exercising regularly"
If I do not exercise so my body is getting ugly (see your body in the mirror then imagine what would happen if you are lazy to exercise, belly arms thighs getting bigger and fat, if fat people need to put a photo next to your mirror)
If I do not exercise, then I will be easy to get sick (heart disease, stroke, diabetes, blood sugar etc), remember what you've experienced and families about the disease, how troublesome family, how much money is being depleted and wasted time for cure.
If I do not work out then I will be ridiculed by friends (remember when your friend accidentally say you fat, fat, elephant etc).

Motivation is fun

"By knowing the rewards will you get then you will still follow your program"
If I exercise regularly then I will have a body that is healthier, fitter and more stamina.
If I exercise regularly so my body will be more toned and slim.
If I exercise regularly so I can buy shirt and pants of my dreams.
If I regularly exercise (fitness exercises) then I give a good example to the children, family and my friends.
Write down your goals and motivation then see and read it often, it will keep you on the right track so you will get the results you want.
Get the appropriate motivation for you it will be easier to do your program.

Furthermore, join a fitness club nearby or you can fitness exercises with your friends. Look for information about health, eating right, news about obesity in the newspapers or television, it will make you more aware of the advantages healthy lifestyle and most importantly, makes you appreciate your health.

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